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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win Super Bowl LV In Raymond James

A champion has emerged from the meeting between two of the NFL's best teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The game pitted two of the league's best quarterbacks against each other: the Buccaneers' Tom Brady — who made his 10th appearance in the championship game at 43 years old — and the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, who led Kansas City to a Super Bowl win last year.
But what was expected to be a high-scoring game turned out to be a lopsided affair, with the Buccaneers' defense holding Mahomes at bay all game, allowing Brady to rack up the score early on. 
Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski in the waning minutes of the first quarter to score the first touchdown of the game, giving the Bucs an early 7-0 lead. The Chiefs countered with a field goal, but the Bucs scored their second touchdown — again, by way of Gronkowski — in the middle of the second quarter. Then, before the end of the first half, Brady connected with Antonio Brown for another touchdown, bringing the Bucs' lead to 21-6. This was the story for the rest of the game, with Tampa Bay eventually winning 31-9. Before Brady and the Bucs stepped onto the field, they had already made history as the first team to ever host a Super Bowl in their home stadium. 
They earned the milestone by going undefeated in the playoffs, first by eliminating the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card round, then by taking down the New Orleans Saints in what could have been Drew Brees' last game in the NFL.