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- Over 50 Years In The Making- "Tampa Stadium to The Big Sombrero"
Tampa Stadium (November 4, 1967 – December 28, 1995)
- "The Big Sombrero & Raymond James"
Houlihan's Stadium (January 16, 1996 – April 11, 1999
- Hear The Canon Roar On Gameday "Ray Jay"
Raymond James Stadium (1996 - present)
- Historic first NFL team to play in their home stadium"
Raymond James Stadium (Super Bowl LV)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers are NFL Champions for the second time in franchise history.
First NFL team in history to play a Super Bowl hosted at their home stadium.

It's been quite a year for the Tampa-area sports teams. In addition to the Bucs being Super Bowl-bound,
the Tampa Lightning won the Stanley Cup and the Tampa Bay Rays faced the Dodgers in the World Series.

For many of us the 2020 NFL season was a great diversion from the Covid-19 pandemic, loss of jobs, civil unrest, negative media and sadly deaths of so many" William Rader, founder of BuccaneersFan.com said - "I will be at the stadium participating in the tailgating and festivities, a life moment I'll share with our son Daniel" The Bucs' last Super Bowl appearance was in 2003 where they defeated the Raiders 48-21. Now the Buccaneers continued their Super Bowl "UNDEFEATED" run on their home turf during the ultimate home-field, Raymond James Stadium, "This was not just an historic NFL moment, it was the ultimate BuccaneersFan game-day experience." said Rader.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are NFL Champions for the second time in franchise history after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9 in Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers are the first team to win – or even play in – a Super Bowl in its home stadium, accepting the Lombardi Trophy on the field at Raymond James Stadium. It is the first NFL title for the franchise since 2002, when the Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21, in Super Bowl XXXVII. Tampa Bay is no longer a one-hit-wonder as the NFL's 14th franchise to win multiple Super Bowls and the Buccaneers join the Baltimore Ravens (also 2-0) as the ONLY teams with multiple victories and NO losses in the biggest game of the season.


2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season.

BUCS' 2021 Opponents

08/14 - Bengals - Saturday - 7:30 PM - Raymond James Stadium
08/21 - Titans - Saturday - 7:30 PM - Raymond James Stadium
08/28 - Texans - Saturday - 8:00 PM - AWAY

Raymond James Stadium
11/14 - ReadSkins! - Sunday - 1:00 PM - AWAY
11/22 - Giants - Monday - 8:15 PM - Raymond James Stadium
11/28 - Colts - Sunday - 1:00 PM - AWAY
12/05 - Falcons - Sunday - 1:00 PM - AWAY
12/12 - Buffalo Bills - Sunday - 4:25 PM - Raymond James Stadium
12/19 - Saints - Sunday - 8:20 PM - Raymond James Stadium
12/26 - Panthers - Sunday - 1:00 PM - AWAY
01/02 - Jets - Sunday - 1:00 PM - AWAY
01/09 - Panthers - Sunday - 1:00 PM - Raymond James Stadium

*** PLAYOFFS ***
01/00 - Buccaneers vs. TBD - Let's Make History
01/00 - Buccaneers vs. TBD - Let's Make History
01/00 - Buccaneers vs. TBD - Let's Make History

02/13 - BUCS' vs. TBD - SoFi Stadium Inglewood, Ca. Let's Make History


Buccaneers remove Jon Gruden from Ring of Honor
Destin Fort Walton Beach, Florida Offical Panhandle NFL Buccaneers Watch Party
Many mixed oppinions from BUCS Fans.

Good Afternoon. Though I agree you (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) have the right to do as you see fit. I think it is sad that you (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) choose to remove Jon Gruden for private emails 11 years ago, but still have Warren Sapp on the Ring of Honor. There are so many with domestic violence's and other crimes, who physically effect other get a slap on the the wrist with a fine and some lost playing time. I do not condone hate speech, but what was the context of theses emails and who were the given to.

The NFL over the years has allowed performers a voice during the super bowl half time who have "sung" and "danced" to millions over their careers with some vile hate language, sexist, racist, homophobic, misogynistic..... I am just concerned about the consistency of actions. How some it is OK, or a blind eyed turned and others we dig back years. I know this will change nothing, but we all need to speak up. There is a difference between some inappropriate language in a PRIVATE email (where we do not know the full context and history) and public language and action.
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.
Jeanmarie Scordino - Baycare - Clearwater, FL


Official BuccaneersFan.com Panhandle Watch Party
Destin Fort Walton Beach, Florida Offical Panhandle NFL Buccaneers Watch Party

Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Florida are not strangers to pirates, scallywags, privateers, Krewes and now Buccaneers "Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates". The Captain of BuccaneersFan.com is developing a Panhandle Gameday watch location to enjoy Tampa Bay Buccaneers Games with fellow Fans - Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. .

“Remembering Our Heroes Festival”

Saturday, May, 29, 2021

Wanted - Fanatical Tailgate Fans

2021 NFL Fanatical Fan Tailgating with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and BuccaneersFan.com Gameday experience

There is no experience in the seven seas quite like tailgating at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The smell of grilling, camaraderie, and drink brings together the greatest fans in the NFL to enjoy the best day of the week, GAMEDAY.

We want to share your experience and invite you to email photographs with a note on what makes your experience special. If you host a regular tailgate or a "Watch Party" you would like us to share, please email details to us today and also join our FaceBook page CLICK HERE---> FACEBOOK BUCFANS

We're very fortunate in Tampa Bay and some other NFL stadiums promote tailgating and their fans taken full advantage of the experience. If your life goal is to tailgate or join others on Gameday, this will become your guide on where to start and finish. If you are just looking for the best time possible join our FaceBook page today. For everyone not on soctal media, we will list the rankings for the best fan tailgating and/or watch party for every "World Champion" Tampa Bay Buccaneers gameday.

Super Bowl LV Buccaneers Broken Records

Super Bowl LV was an historic life moment Buccaneersfan.com will never forget.

Yes... The BUCS dominated the Chiefs for much of the game becoming the first ever NFL team to win (or even play) in a Super Bowl in their home Raymond James Stadium. But there were also other records set at the game.

According to BuccaneersFan.com, these Super Bowl records were also set in Super Bowl LV:

Most Games – 10, Tom Brady
Most Games, Winning Team – 7, Tom Brady
Oldest Head Coach, Winning Team – 68, Bruce Arians
Oldest Player, Game – 43, Tom Brady
Most Pass Attempts, Career – 421, Tom Brady
Most Passes Completed, Career – 277, Tom Brady
Most Passing Yards, Career – 3039, Tom Brady
Most Touchdown Passes, Career – 21, Tom Brady
Most First Downs by Penalty, Team – 6, Tom Brady
Most First Downs by Penalty, Both Teams – 9, Tampa Bay (6) vs. Kansas City (3)
Most Touchdowns, QB-Receiver Tandem, Career – 5, Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski


Most Fumbles, Career – 5, Tom Brady
Most Fumbles Recovered, Career – 2, Patrick Mahomes
Fewest Touchdowns, Team – 0, Kansas City
Fewest Rushing Touchdowns, Team – 0, Kansas City
Fewest Passing Touchdowns, Team – 0, Kansas City
Fewest Punt Returns, Team – 0, Tampa Bay
Fewest Punt Return Yards, Both Teams – 0, Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City
Fewest Fumbles Lost, Both Teams – 0, Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City
Fewest Turnovers, Team – 0, Tampa Bay


Named to Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected John Lynch out of Stanford in the third round, 82nd choice overall, of the 1993 NFL Draft. A hard-hitting and smart play-making safety, Lynch was a vital addition to the Buccaneers defense that soon dominated the NFL.

He worked hard to earn a permanent starting role in 1996, his fourth pro season. Lynch made the most of his opportunity as he racked up more than 100 tackles and tied his career-high with three interceptions. From that point forward, he was the anchor of Tampa Bay’s secondary on a defense that perennially ranked among the NFL’s best.

Lynch was voted to the Pro Bowl for the first time following the 1997 season. It was the first of nine Pro Bowls to which he was elected. He earned first-team All-Pro recognition three straight years from 1999 to 2001.

In 2002, he was an integral part of the Buccaneers’ championship season that was capped with the franchise’s first Super Bowl title. Lynch contributed 96 tackles (50 solo), three interceptions, and 12 passes defensed as Tampa Bay finished 12-4. His strong play continued through the postseason when he added five tackles in the divisional playoff, six more tackles in the championship game and registered one tackle and pass defensed in the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl XXXVII victory.

Lynch signed as a free agent with the Denver Broncos in 2004 where he played the final four seasons of his 15-year career. He helped lead the Broncos to a conference championship game appearance in his second season in Denver. That year he recorded a career-high four sacks, intercepted two passes, forced four fumbles, and racked up 69 tackles. He added three solo tackles, one assist and one pass defensed in the 1995 AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In all, Lynch played in 224 regular season games, recorded 26 interceptions returned for 204 yards, added 13 sacks, and registered more than 1,000 tackles. He was credited with 90 or more tackles in a season nine times during his career.

Our Plan for Success!

"There ARE two kinds of Football games the good and bad. I enjoy watching BOTH!"

William P. Rader

Fanatical BucsFan Krewe

What Is A Krewe?

A Krewe is any group or organization of revelers to band together to host a Krewe Social, ride on a themed parade float and participate in social events throughout the year.

Krewe Costumes

Outfits are based on a combination of licensed NFL gear, Breeches, boots, skirts, head gear and game day face-paint, as you create your swashbuckler fanatical BucsFan ensemble. 

Official Krewe Manager

Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates will participate with the "Official" Tampa Bay Buccaneers Krewe Manager program for ticket discounts and Promotional

Krewe Memberships

Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates will feature both free BucsFan's and paid Krewe memberships. To learn more and sign up visit the Krewe Zone links at the top of each page.

Krewe Community

Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates is about more than just dressing up in festive Bucs costumes and throwing beads… Many are deeply involved within the community, through charity and philanthropy.

A Krewe Without A Ship

As fanatical fans we plan to construct a float similar to the concept float shown. Giving homage to our favorite ship in Raymond James.

Parade Participation

With parades being one large tailgate party, and you know how BucsFan's love tailgating, our Krewe plans to show our fan spirit at as many as we can.

Social Media

Keep connected and informed during our Krewe development here and on social media. Friend our Krewe Facebook our Krewe Twitter below.

Link: Facebook Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates
Link: Twitter @YePewterPirate


Buccaneers Fans | BUCS HISTORY | Tampa Bay Buccaneers – BUCS SUPER BOWL LV | Professor Jam


Professor Jam with BUCS Super Fans during Super Bowl LV WTB watch party

Fanatical Buccaneers Fans are encouraged to showcase their real deal passion for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in our Fanatical Fan photograph area **HERE**. Photograph your fan experience and email a copy with exciting details to show our Fanatical BUCS Fan community.
This Is A Fanatical Buccaneers Fan Invasion!

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BucsFan Blog

The ultimate home for Buccaneers fan news, rumors, player & team updates, commentary, recruiting, analysis, and opinion. Share yours today.

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Tailgater Recipes

You'll find some of the greatest tailgating recipes ever invented. Many of the recipes are from inventive BucsFan's just like you. Send yours today.

Call Us
Have a Question? Call Us!

If you are interested in Ye Krewe Float Sponsorship, Contributing, Joining the Krewe Founder's Circle or Important Issues call... (404) 403-0491.


Professor Jam with Buccaholics of Las Vegas during Super Bowl LV WTB watch party
Buccaholics Nevada

Game-day tailgating with representatives from all across America at the official WTB Tailgate during Super Bowl LV. Rader shown above with two Buccaholics members from Las Vegas wearing the BEST ship hats I've seen.

Professor Jam with BUCS Super Fans during Super Bowl LV WTB watch party
Super Bowl LV Fan Gathering

Sailing from as far away as California Super BUCS fans at Raymond James Stadium for the ultimate watch party experience. Rader shown holding Thanks Super BUCS! sign from 2002 Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl LV Super-Fans BuccaneersFan.com
Super Fans Invade Super Bowl LV

Tampa Bay features the most diverse, dedicated, and beautiful fans in the NFL as they invade for the historic home featured Super Bowl. We are ready to defend our Super Bowl Championship in 2021.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Game-day & Tailgating locations are announced via social media. Click links at top of page to keep informed.

Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates Founder's Circle

Individual talents get magnified many times over through the collective lens of an effective team.

Your Invitation To Join

In order to develop the Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates program, the Krewe has established a Founder's Circle for individual and corporate memberships (this is for the paid Krewe memberships, not free BucsFan programs). All funds collected from Founders Club memberships are dedicated towards purchasing a custom designed Krewe parade float, float parade tow vehicle, licenses, permits, application fees, insurance and ordering of other major components needed in

Krewe development.

Members of the Founder's Circle will receive:

.... Permanent float riding access.
.... Permanent recognition as a Founder's Circle Member.
.... Voting privileges within the Krewe's Development board.
.... VIP access to Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates community events.
.... Ability to participate in key Krewe design decisions.
.... 5,000 Fanatical BucsFan trader cards (limited edition series).
.... Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates Founders Circle certificate. .... Access to online Krewe blog and members only areas.
.... First choice as corporate sponsor (business members only).
.... First choice event name-branding (business members only)

Membership in the Founders Circle is a unique opportunity to get in at the beginning of the Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates project. Space is limited however, due to the float development time schedule. We are seeking corporate naming or other sponsorships during the development. For more details of the program click link below.


Fanatical Buccaneers Fan Quote of the Week!

... see what others have to say

Buccaneer Fans Game-day Opinions!

There ARE two kinds of Football games the good and bad. I enjoy watching BOTH! TAMPA-----BAY GO BUCS!

image01William Rader (aka Professor Jam | DJ & Founder - Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates

Buccaneer Fans Game-day Opinions!

There ARE two kinds of Football games the good and bad. I enjoy watching BOTH! TAMPA-----BAY GO BUCS!

image01William Rader (aka Professor Jam | DJ & Founder - Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates

Buccaneer Fans Game-day Opinions!

There ARE two kinds of Football games the good and bad. I enjoy watching BOTH! TAMPA-----BAY GO BUCS!

image01William Rader (aka Professor Jam | DJ & Founder - Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates

Buccaneer Fans Game-day Opinions!

There ARE two kinds of Football games the good and bad. I enjoy watching BOTH! TAMPA-----BAY GO BUCS!

image01William Rader (aka Professor Jam | DJ & Founder - Ye Krewe of Pewter Pirates