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Sunday December 23, 2007 - San Francisco 49ers vs. BuccaneersFan BUCS helmet Buccaneers vs. San Francisco 49ers Sunday December 23, 2007 - BuccaneersFan BUCS classic helmet

Sunday December 23, 2007 - Away Game

LOSS - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19 San Francisco 49ers 21

Tampa Bay traveled west to San Francisco for the third time in five seasons. Tampa Bay lost their eighth consecutive meeting at Monster Park, dating to 1980. This game was originally scheduled for 8:15 p.m. on NBC's Sunday Night Football, but on December 10, in accordance with flex-scheduling, the game was moved to the afternoon. Having already clinched a playoff berth, Tampa Bay rested most of their starters in the second half. Despite a late rally, the Buccaneers fell two points short of victory.

Tampa Bay controlled most of the first half, capping off their first two drives of the first quarter with field goals by Matt Bryant. On the first play of the second quarter, Shaun Hill connected with Darrell Jackson on a 21-yard touchdown.

San Francisco punted on their next drive, and Micheal Spurlock fielded the ball at the 19-yard line. He was tackled and fumbled, while the 49ers recovered. After an instant replay challenge, it was determined that Spurlock was down by contact, and Tampa Bay maintained possession. The drive fizzled though, and ended with a punt. Late in the fourth quarter, Barrett Ruud recovered a 49ers fumble, setting the Buccaneers up on the San Francisco 36-yard line. Four plays later, Jerramy Stevens caught a touchdown pass from Jeff Garcia. Tampa Bay took a 13–7 lead into halftime.

On the second-half kickoff, San Francisco recovered a surprise onside kick. The drive came up empty, as they were forced to punt. On Tampa Bay's next possession, however, Luke McCown (who had taken over for the benched Garcia) fumbled and the 49ers recovered at the 14-yard line. In four plays, San Francisco scored a touchdown.

Early in the fourth quarter, Nate Clements intercepted a McCown pass, and led to another 49ers touchdown. The 49ers led 21–13, but Tampa Bay still kept hopes alive for a rally. With less than six minutes left in the game, the Buccaneers drove to the 49ers 25-yard line. On 4th down and 6, McCown threw to Michael Clayton for an apparent one-handed touchdown catch, but the ball fell incomplete, and the drive turned over on downs. Tampa Bay managed one final chance to tie the score. Inside the two-minute warning, Tampa Bay drove to the 49ers 24-yard line. McCown rolled out wide to his right, and connected with Stevens for a 24-yard touchdown. McCown then attempted a game-tying two-point conversion. Michael Clayton caught the pass, but one of his feet touched out-of-bounds in the back of the endzone, sealing the game for San Francisco.


  • WEATHER: Clear - 51°F. - Humidity 65% - Wind N.N.E. 5 mph Wind Chill 49°F.
    • REFEREE: Tony Corrente
    • UMPIRE: Stece Wilson
    • LINE JUDGE: Ron Blum
    • SIDE JUDGE: Dyrol Prioleau
    • HEAD LINESMAN: John McGrath
    • BACK JUDGE: Don Carey
    • FIELD JUDGE: Craig Wrolstad
    • REPLAY OFFICIAL: Bob Mantooth
    • VIDEO OPERATOR: Terry Poulos
    • BUCS: 08:09-1Q Bryant FG34
    • BUCS: 02:36-1Q Bryant FG22
    • 49ERS: 14:56-2Q Jackson 21 pass from Hill (Nedney kick)
    • BUCS: 03:49-2Q Stevens 24 pass from Garcia (Bryant kick)
    • 49ERS: 09:30-3Q Davis 5 pass from Hill (Bryant kick)
    • 49ERS: 14:11-4Q Gore 23 pass from Hill (Bryant kick)
    • BUCS: 01:20-4Q Stevens 24 pass from McCown (pass failed)
    • WR: #84 J. Galloway
    • LT: #70 D. Penn
    • LG: #78 A. Sears
    • C: #76 J. Wade
    • RG: #75 D. Joseph
    • RT: #65 J. Trueblood
    • TE: #81 A. Smith
    • TE: #88 A. Becht
    • QB: #07 J. Garcia
    • RB: #34 E. Graham
    • FB: #44 B. Storer
    • LE: #93 K. Carter
    • DT: #95 C. Hovan
    • DT: #71 J. Haye
    • RE: #90 G. Adams
    • SLB: #59 C. June
    • MLB: #51 B. Ruud
    • WLB: #55 D. Brooks
    • LCB: #20 R. Barber
    • RCB: #31 P. Buchanon
    • SS: #23 J. Phillips
    • FS: #28 T. Jackson
    • 3 Bryant, 9 Bidwell, 12 McCown, 17 Spurlock, 19 Hilliard, 22 Davis, 25 Kelly, 26 Allen, 29 Bennett, 32 Pittman, 39 Pearson, 48 Economos, 50 Trotter, 57 Hayward, 58 Black, 68 Lehr, 69 Davis, 80 Clayton. 85 Stovall, 86 Stevens, 91 White, 94 Spires, 98 Sims

    • none.
    • 5 Gradkowski, 33 Darby, 35 Askew, 54 Chukwurah, 56 Nece, 72 Buenning, 87 Heinrich, 96 Peterson


    • BUCCANEERS: Graham 9-21, McCown 2-17, Bennett 5-16, Pittman 7-13, Garcia 1-0.
    • 49ERS: Gore 21-89, Norris 1-6, Hicks 1-3, Hill 6- (-1).
    • BUCCANEERS: Garcia 20-12-196-0-1, McCown 32-18-185-1-1.
    • 49ERS: Hill 24-11-123-1-3.
    • BUCCANEERS: Pittman 7-54, Smith 6-79, Clayton 5-71, Stevens 4-73, Hilliard 3-50, Bennett 2-14, Graham 2-11, Galloway 1-29.
    • 49ERS: Gore 4-43, Davis 3-30, Jackson 2-27, Walker 2-23.
    • BUCCANEERS: Kelly 1-0.
    • 49ERS: Clements 1-62.
    • BUCCANEERS: Spurlock 3-68.
    • 49ERS: Hicks 4-75.
    • BUCCANEERS: Buchanon 4-0, Spurlock 2-12.
    • 49ERS: Lewis 4-36.
    • BUCCANEERS: Haye 1-4, Sims 1-3.
    • 49ERS: Willis 2-0, Banta-Cain 1-8, McDonald 1-6.

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